Dracoventions News

Plug-ins Updated for FM 17 Preview Release

March 21, 2018

Release notes

  • All plug-ins fixed or tested to work with FileMaker 17 pre-release.
  • Developer Assistant v3.3 RC:
    • FileMaker 17 fixes:
      • Fixed search in Script Workspace dialog.
      • Fixed search in Manage Database dialog.
      • Fixed script mistranslation searches caused by changes and additions to script steps.
    • macOS:
      • Fixed search in FM 15 and later when individual scripts are set to 'Execute only' permission for the current FM user.
      • No longer causes dropdown menus added to FM dialogs by third-party plug-ins to close immediately.
    • Windows:
      • No longer shows "FileMaker layout window not found" error on rare occasion as windows are being created or destroyed.
    • Fixed some rare script mistranslation in earlier FileMaker versions.
    • This is a free update for licenses purchased Feb 10, 2016 and later.
  • Hands-Free Printer v3.66:
    • macOS:
      • Fixed inability to set some printer options in FileMaker 17.
    • Windows:
      • Added support for controlling printer-specific control of type msctls_trackbar32
      • Fixed not setting 'All pages' checkbox when page numbers not specified.
    • This is a free update for licenses purchased May 16, 2014 and later.